Neuberger Museum of Art

Behind Your Eye: Doug and Mike Starnexhibition catalogue/guide/map

This unique fold-out catalogue was designed to take advantage of the Starns’ photographic mastery. MZD worked in collaboration with the artists, requesting an overall view of the exhibition space. The result was an assembled montage of photographic images, a work of art in itself. On one side, an interview with the artists; on the other, the overall view accompanied by a keyed guide to the space.

Marisolexhibition identity, exhibit space, catalogue and printed materials

The  placement of the large scale sculpture and visitor flow were carefully orchestrated in the gallery. In the accompanying catalogue, scale, composition, color and typography were considered to preserve and document the exhibition installation.

Biennial Exhibition of Public Artoutdoor exhibit design, exhibition catalogue, map/guide and print materials

Site-specific artworks were installed across the 500 acre campus of Purchase College, State University of New York just prior to the exhibit’s public opening. In many cases, visitor participation was essential to documenting works for the exhibition catalogue, which was produced soon after the public opening and available for the opening ceremonies. Environmental design components promoted the exhibition as well as provided necessary orientation.


Sharon Louden: Characterexhibition catalogue and photography

For the catalogue and marketing pieces, Marc photographed the installation and worked with the artist and exhibit curator to document the site specific works. The delicate quality of neon fishing line, the artist’s medium for many works, was interpreted in the catalogue text columns and letterforms.

Whitfield Lovell exhibition catalogue

This catalogue documents installations by Whitfield Lovell, known for his use of personal and anonymous photographs, cultural symbols, and artifacts in his work. The binding method enables a variety of paper stocks and photographic reproductions to come together in representing the artist’s ideas, and helps to create an object that preserves the energy of the exhibition.


African Art from the Gussman Collectionexhibition catalogue

Produced in conjunction with an internationally traveling exhibition, the catalogue presents one of the most comprehensive private collections of Central African Art. MZD coordinated the photography of objects from museums throughout the United States for consistency, created maps to assist the reader in placing the art in particular regions, and incorporated text provided by the foremost scholars on art from Central Africa.