Tarisio: Auctioneers of Stringed Instruments and Bowsauction catalogues

The graceful forms of stringed instruments and fine photography are key elements in the composition of the catalogue pages. The format—it’s layout, spine text and graphics—is systematically designed to enable dealers, collectors, and musicians to access specific catalogues for future reference.

Tarisio: Auctioneers of Stringed Instruments and Bowsdirect mail marketing

A commitment to specializing solely in stringed instruments and bows distinguishes Tarisio from other auction houses. MZD developed marketing efforts to confirm their expertise and present facts and messaging in creative and effective ways.


Tarisio: Auctioneers of Stringed Instruments and Bowslobby signage for gallery and offices

Located within walking distance to NYC’s Carnegie Hall, Tarisio resides on an upper floor of a non-descript building. The locale serves as an instrument gallery, performance space, and offices. MZD’s mural and signage welcome visitors as they exit the elevator. The bold and playful compositions assure one that they have arrived on the correct floor.