The Greenwich Workshop Press

Reading the Wilda book by artist Bev Doolittle

Cover and interior design for the third book of Bev Doolittle, the widely collected “camouflage” artist/illustrator known for her distinctive use of context, design and pattern to temporarily disguise the messages in her work. In Reading the Wild, Doolittle’s lavish illustrations provide clues for understanding the animal life around us and are accompanied by text by author Elise Maclay.

Hallowed Ground: Golf’s Greatest Placesbook design

Design for a 156 page “coffee table” book showcasing the talents of renowned golf landscape artist Linda Hartough and top golf writer Jaime Diaz. Hallowed Ground provides captivating text on the game, the courses and the players, that is nestled within a collection of lush imagery of the places worshipped by golfers.